Want to find out how to contact www.rapsheets.org owner to have your information removed?

So you’re probably here because this piece of shit, Kyle David Grant from Jacksonville, FL, is trying to make a dollar off of your criminal booking info…whether or not that info is correct, or if you were ever convicted, or if the charges were completely dismissed.  Yep, he’s a scam artist, and doesn’t care, folks.

If you’re like all the folks trying to contact Rapsheets.org to have inaccurate info removed, you’ve been completely ignored.  No one at that website cares that the info is inaccurate, or false, or if it has cost you a job.  This gross, fat turd doesn’t care about the truth.

Trying to contact him at the contact info on the rapsheets.org website is fruitless because the phone number is bad (imagine that…a deadbeat not paying his phone bill), the address is a random PO Box at some Mailboxes Etc. type place, and the email address is invalid.  YES: Kyle David Grant is violating ICANN policy with the invalid info, YES, Kyle David Grant is violating Adsense policies (more on how to report via ICANN and Adsense to come later).  But what’s important to you is that YOUR false, inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete info has been posted, and the shithead owner of the website doesn’t care.

So what should you do? You should contact him on Facebook:

Kyle David Grant: That's some Peter Griffin ball chin there. http://facebook.com/Iuseandabusepeople

Yes–Kyle David Grant’s Facebook handle is “I Use and Abuse People.” No shit!!

Contact him. Let him know what you think about him using false information to slander you.


While you’re at it, contact Ann Christine Grant, who is probably his mother (or some other close relative).  Tell her what a piece of trash her son is, and demand he pay attention to those who are telling him HIS WEBSITE IS FALSE:


And this is probably his dad, David R. Grant.  Contact his dad and tell him that he failed in teaching his son right from wrong:


What a horrible family.  Contact the Grants from Florida and tell them that it’s not okay to run a website that KNOWINGLY posts false information!


11 thoughts on “Want to find out how to contact www.rapsheets.org owner to have your information removed?

Add yours

  1. These posts need to be bumped up too btw probably with more photos of this nematode. Most likely he’s getting little to no ad revenue on his site anymore especially if this WordPress can come up first in search results. People have to know that he doesn’t care about the public at all and if he did, he wouldn’t be a criminal glutton that beats women.

    This chin lacking coin shaver has now said he won’t remove a single photo from his site because in SB 118 he claims as long as he doesn’t charge he doesn’t have to remove photo btw this whole bill had to exist solely because of him and no one else in Florida looooooooool. Imagine refusing to get a job so hard you hire a lawyer to read the bill and figure out which parts you can skip to continue collecting adnot$ this must be a genetic thing 🤔I Can you believe how desperate this rapsheet criminal Kyle David grant is? He is so desperate to continue to being lazy he MUST continue with his pennies in ad revenue, you can’t be a man if this is how you make money it also explains why he is so enormous in his pics because when you don’t move all day that is what you look like plus he probably stinks terribly. More should be dug and and continously posted on him so it’s all we see when googling his name.


  2. Contact me to start a class action lawsuit against Kyle David Grant who resides at 5296 Julington Creek in Jacksonville, Florida 32258 (904) 448-6988. I can be reached at 313-768-4251. I, too, am a victim of Electronic Stalking and Cyber Bullying by Kyle David Grant.


    1. Hi Mel, thanks for commenting. Kyle doesn’t live at the Julington Creek address anymore–that house got foreclosed when the deadbeat didn’t pay the mortgage. You can read about it on my blog post here: https://rapsheetsorgkyledavidgrant.wordpress.com/2018/01/27/surprise-kyle-david-grant-of-rapsheets-org-jacksonville-fl-is-a-deadbeat/

      I do hope people will contact you for a class action lawsuit. I think you’d have a strong case for several different grounds. He needs to delete this website altogether if he wants people to let it go. Find a good lawyer and update us on what happens!


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